Combining the finest local ingredients with modern culinary techniques

Authentic Jamaican dining experience.

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Da taste is a family-run restaurant that takes pride in providing the best quality food and service that you can find. By combining the finest local ingredients with modern culinary techniques, we are committed to creating a unique, yet authentic Jamaican dining experience. But if you still don’t believe us, check out our menu to view our delicious selections!

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As the story goes, The Robinsons were visiting their daughter over Christmas in 2015 when they say destiny brought them to their restaurant site. Antoinette said in her early 20s she had a vision they would own a restaurant and after years it finally seemed to manifest. 

“We started off with a dream.”
“When you see the demographic of this community, people told us we were crazy. I said I have to bring flavour to the people.”
– Mike Robinson

Our restaurant has gained a reputation for its mouth-watering roti, pepper shrimp, stew oxtail and jerk chicken. Our secret jerk chicken takes 45 minutes to prepare! The chicken is cooked until its skin is browned to a crisp, and the inside is moist and full of flavour.

“A lot of people do jerk chicken, but not like this. You want when people come and eat your food, the taste explodes in their mouth.”
“For me my food is flavour. It’s herbs and spices. It doesn’t burn you.”
– Mike Robinson

Mike learned to cook from his mother, growing up in the community of Rockfort in Kingston, Jamaica. She died when he was 13 years old.

“I have a passion for taste. I started cooking and people started coming back.” “I put a lot of love and time into my cooking. You have to have a passion.”
– Mike Robinson

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